What if I ask you, tell me name of some some attacks…. What would be your response? Maybe XSS, CSRF, RCE, SQLi, OS Command Injection or something like these. But there are much more than these. …

A note of disclaimer: I haven’t social engineered anyone for this article. Also, I won’t be responsible for any of your action.

Social Engineering, seems like social engineers go to people’s home and clean their homes and give them a good massage, NOOO! Social engineering means to make people reveal…

Room Platform: TryHackMe

Room Link: https://tryhackme.com/room/ohsint

Someone had said true, “Recon is the key to gain unauthorized root access to the server”. And that someone is me only.

Recon is the first, and the most important step of hacking. This room helps you understand OSINT, which is one of the most important step of Recon. …

SSH, this stands for Secure Shell. If you done some NMAP scanning, you might have found a port running SSH. You might have also found it interesting and useful. So now let’s set up one.


  • A Google Account
  • A Ngrok Account


Go to https://colab.research.google.com

Hmm…. So you want to learn Web Application Hacking, Okay, so let me help you. We’ll begin with some of the basic attacks in brief…


So the XSS is one of the major Client-Side attack. It stands for Cross-Site Scripting. In this, the attacker is able to execute a piece…

Shriyans Sudhi

School Student and CyberSec Enthusiast

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