Claim your right, Get your free SSH server

Shriyans Sudhi
2 min readJul 6, 2021


SSH, this stands for Secure Shell. If you done some NMAP scanning, you might have found a port running SSH. You might have also found it interesting and useful. So now let’s set up one.


  • A Google Account
  • A Ngrok Account


Go to

Now click on “File>New Notebook”. This will now create a new notebook.

Now you will see something like this:-

Now in text area, paste the following text:-

!pip install colab_ssh — upgrade

!apt update

!apt install nmap

!apt-get install -y arp-scan

!apt-get install net-tools

!apt install vim

!apt-get -y install nano

!apt install golang

!apt install git


!apt install hydra-gtk


!apt install dirb

!sudo apt install iputils-ping

!git clone

!git clone

!git clone

!git clone

!git clone

!cd dirsearch && pip install -r requirements.txt

!pip install shodan

from colab_ssh import launch_ssh

launch_ssh(‘<your_ngrok_token>’, ‘<ssh_password>’)

After pasting the above text in the text box, replace the “<your_ngrok_token>” with your ngrok token on and “<ssh_password>” with the password of your SSH. Now, just hit the run button and wait for the code execution to be completed. This code is going to update and then install some of the important tools. If you wish to be add more tools, you can install after connecting to SSH or just by prepending “!” before the command. If you wish more tools to be added in the script above, you can suggest me by commenting below.

(All the tools installed via the code above will be available in /content directory. After connecting to SSH, you will be in ~/ or /root directory.)